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 CBSE Downloads - Class 10 (X) and 12 (XII)  
Download CBSE Sample Papers CBSE Sample papers
Download CBSE Previous year solved papers CBSE Previous year solved papers
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Download CBSE Solved Papers CBSE Syllabus 2012 (latest)
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  • CBSE Sample papers for 2011-2012 are available for you to go through and practice. You can download the sample papers for class 10. These sample papers give you some idea of the format you can expected in the actual question paper. They will also give you an some idea of how the questions are organized in the various sections and the level of difficulty.

    1. Don't just aim for 70%. Aim high and shoot for 100%.

    2. When doing your math homework, be neat. It does make a difference.

    3. It's not just the answer that counts in math. Much of your grade is based on the intermediate steps in getting to the answer. So show all your work. Your objective should be to convince your teacher that you know how to do the problem.

    Here are the important formula for students of Class X