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CBSE Notes 2011-2012


Changes in the Social Science syllabus of class X and Economics, Accountancy and Geography syllabuses of class XII

The following is the circular issued by CBSE highlighting the changes in syllabus applicable from year  2008 and onwards.

10 Tips for Better Grades in CBSE Maths

1. Don't just aim for 70%. Aim high and shoot for 100%.

2. When doing your math homework, be neat. It does make a difference.

3. It's not just the answer that counts in math. Much of your grade is based on the intermediate steps in getting to the answer. So show all your work. Your objective should be to convince your teacher that you know how to do the problem.

CBSE Sample papers for 2010

CBSE Sample papers for 2010 are available for you to go through and practice.

You can download the sample papers.

Please Note: The sample papers are only an indication of the format of the actual question paper. They give you an idea of how the questions are organized in the various sections and the approximate level of difficulty.

Question Bank - The Third Level



1. What does the third level refer to?
2. Would Charley ever go back to the ticket-counter on the third level to buy tickets to Galesburg for himself and his wife?
3. Do you think that the third level was a medium of escape for Charley? Why?
4. What do you infer from Sam’s letter to Charley?

accounts XII Chapter 3 Reconstitution of Partnership - Admission of a new Partner

Effect of Admission of a Partner

Admission of a new partner is a major event in a partnership business. A new admission can take place only with the unanimous consent of all the existing partners. New partners are admitted for several reasons. Additional capital contribution, fresh ideas more contacts etc. are some of the advantages in admitting a new partner.

CBSE announces date sheets for 2007 Exam

You can download it from here:

CLASS Xth (10th)


CLASS XIIth (12th)


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